LGM Industries is committed to providing products and services of a consistently high quality to our customers, controlled by the implementation of our quality management system, which is aligned with and certified to International Standards ISO 9001.

To ensure this quality and consistency, LGM undertakes to:

  • Identify, understand and comply with the requirements of our customers and the applicable codes and standards.
  • Provide appropriate resources, information, equipment and facilities to maintain the standard of our products and services.
  • Conduct effective inspection and testing to identify and minimise the effects of any non-conformance.
  • Identify and resolve the root cause of
    non-conformances to prevent their reoccurrence.
  • Review competency requirements of our personnel and provide training as necessary to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Carry out internal audits and review our operations to verify conformance with the requirements of our quality management system.
  • Monitor process outputs for identification of improvement opportunities.